Available Services

A variety of support services are available to TVCC students with a disability. These may include tutors, interpreters, note takers, taped texts, assistance with the registration process, adaptive equipment, testing accommodations, and other accommodations deemed necessary and appropriate. All are elective and should be requested by the student prior to the starting of class. Services are coordinated through DS.

Visual Impairments
Treasure Valley Community College has a screen reader and magnifier available in the library as well as the learning center. Window Eyes, talking calculators and taped texts and materials can also be made available for student use. DS can assist a qualified student in getting books on tape through Recording for the Blind (RFB) in Princeton, NJ, as well as provide limited print enlarging. Readers, scribes, and alternative exam arrangements will also be made available to the student.

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Hearing Impairments
Interpreters, notetakers, alternative exam arrangements, and tutoring are available to assist the person with a hearing impairment. A personal FM receiver to boost lecture reception is also available. The campus TDD is located in the DS office and can be accessed during business hours.

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Mobility and Physical Impairments
The TVCC campus is relatively flat and wheelchair friendly. All two story buildings except the dorms are equipped with elevators. All buildings have electric doors installed for wheelchair access. Special chairs and tables will be provided as necessary. Speech recognition software is available for use in the library. In the case of an inaccessible location, the class or event will be moved. TVCC has complied with the spirit and letter of the ADA requirements.

Learning Disabilities
Assistive technology devices developed for visually and hearing impaired students are often useful for people with learning disabilities. The library and learning center have a number of software programs designed to aid the student with learning disabilities. In addition to the tutoring opportunities TVCC provides to all students, classroom accommodations may include alternative testing, notetakers, scribes, readers, taped notes and texts, spelling devices, and other appropriate accommodations.

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Other Disabling Conditions
TVCC is committed to assisting the student with disabilities to erase any barriers to accessing the educational opportunities available here. Other creative accommodations will be made as specific conditions and requests warrant.