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Developmental Education

Oregon Trail Building - (541) 881-5865

The Adult Education Department provides services and courses tailored to meet the needs of students who need to prepare for college-level coursework, adults who have not completed high school, community members interested in improving English language skills, and adults seeking to improve employability. The Adult Education Department consists of College Preparation, General Education Development (GED; in English and Spanish), English for Speakers of other Languages (ESL).


All Adult Education programs are offered on the Ontario campus. College Prep is also offered at the Caldwell Center, as well as adult basic skills development, GED and ESL. Contact ABSD at (541) 881-5857.


Oregon Trail Building - (541) 881-5857

This program provides classes for adults with a variety of goals. Students may wish to improve reading, improve employment opportunities, learn basic computer skills, prepare for entrance into academic and/or professional technical programs, or pursue personal growth by upgrading their basic skills.

Adults who have not received a high school diploma may enroll in the General Education Development (GED) program. This program is designed to prepare students to pass the GED test, which is composed of four subject areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students must be at least 16 years of age to enroll in the program, and students under the age of 18 need special permission from their parents and/or educational facilities.

Students working on their GED on the Ontario campus are assigned to cohorts or other class schedules based on needs and skill levels. The same students are also assigned times to work in the Learning Center for individualized study, either during daytime hours or two evenings per week.


Oregon Trail Building - (541) 881-5857

There is not a GED program for students whose first language is Spanish and who have not completed their GED. Instruction is not available in Spanish for GED preparation and for pre-GED literacy. The GED exams are available online in Spanish at the TVCC Testing Center.


Oregon Trail Building - (541) 881-5849

This program assists adults who speak a language other than English to acquire skills in reading and speaking English. Although other language groups are represented, Spanish-speakers compose more than 90% of the ESL classes. Bilingual Spanish/English speaking staff are available for Spanish speakers. Resource people from the community are available for non-Spanish speaking English language learners.

Helpful Contacts

  • Advising: 541.881.5815
  • Admissions: 541.881.5811
  • Financial Aid: 541.881.5833
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