Shakespeare   Full Time Faculty

Dennis Gill
English Department Chair
English and Speech Instructor
Education: M.T.E., Eastern Oregon University
Phone: 881-5915
Office: BH - 15d
Email: dgill@tvcc.cc

   Phil Mahaffey
English Instructor
Education: M.A., Texas Tech University,
M.F.A., Eastern Washington University
Phone: 881-5912
Office: BH - 15a
Email: pmahaffe@tvcc.cc

 Marc Wilson
English Instructor
Education: M.A., Portland State University
Phone: 881-5913
Office: BH - 15e
Email: mwilson@tvcc.cc

Angela Dahlin
English Instructor
Education: M.A., Oregon State University
Phone: 881-5914
Office: BH - 15c
Email: adahlin@tvcc.cc


Melissa Vargas
English Instructor
Education: M.A., Boise State University
Phone: 881-6846
Office: Caldwell Center
Email: mvargas@tvcc.cc

Claire Holderman
Spanish Instructor
Education: M.A., University of Southern Mississippi (Spanish)
Phone: 881-5916
Office: BH - 116c
Email: cholderman@tvcc.cc

Part Time Faculty

Georgia Turner
English Instructor - Caldwell Center
Education: M.S., Western Oregon University
Email: gturner@tvcc.cc

Joseph Kurth
English Instructor
Education: M.A., Boise State University (History)
Email: jkurth@tvcc.cc

Claudia Widmer
English Instructor
Education: M.A., Lewis and Clark State College
Email: cwidmer@tvcc.cc