College Mission

TVCC is a comprehensive community college providing quality educational opportunities and cultural enhancement in a financially responsible manner throughout our service area.



TVCC will be an excellence driven institution with a global perspective that continues to offer quality programs as an evolving model rural comprehensive college.


Core Themes

Treasure Valley Community College has identified four core themes, with associated strategic objectives under each theme, that individually manifest essential elements of the mission while collectively encompassing the mission:

Institutional Effectiveness

1. Foster a supportive culture
2. Maintain, improve and expand facilities and technology
3. Maintain fiscal responsibility
4. Employ effective management practices and procedures 


1. Enhance partnerships
2. Maintain and build partnerships for private and public sector funding
3. Support regional economic opportunities
4. Showcase and share the TVCC story


1. Promote comprehensive and effective recruitment, and enrollment practices
2. Maintain and build partnerships for private and public sector funding
3. Provide a variety of educational opportunities at a reasonable cost 

Educational Success

1. Enhance opportunities for student development.
2. P
rovide comprehensive educational support services
3. Provide quality instruction
4. Support new and innovative academic programs to meet local and regional employment demands
5. Provide a variety of delivery methods to inform, retain, and educate

Each objective also has meaningful, assessable, and verifiable success indicators of achievement forming the basis for evaluating accomplishments: 2011 / 2012 Core Theme Indicators Annual Mission Fulfillment Report




Established in 1962 and operating under the authority of Chapter 341 of the Oregon Revised Statues, Treasure Valley Community College is committed to serving the people and communities within its district and service area.

The primary purpose of the college is to provide lifelong educational opportunities, with the community as both a resource and a beneficiary.

People of varying ages and interests find learning experiences in college: programs designed to develop professional-technical skills; programs suitable for beginning a college education; programs devoted to cultural experiences; and programs aimed at satisfying specific interests and solving specific problems.

In keeping with this comprehensive purpose and operating within available resources, the College strives to provide an open door educational program directed toward the following goals:

      1. A diversity of occupational education programs to prepare students for employment in technical and vocational fields.
      2. A counseling program designed to aid students in their educational and career planning.
      3. A transferable two-year liberal arts and sciences curriculum for those people who desire to work toward a Baccalaureate Degree.
      4. A comprehensive continuing education program for adults who wish to extend their education, improve their occupational skills, or pursue other special interests.
      5. General education opportunities for personal growth.
      6. A program of developmental and remedial education, which will provide opportunities for students to pursue other educational or personal goals.
      7. A comprehensive educational, cultural, and recreational program which complements the instructional and student activities of the college.



Cultural Diversity

Treasure Valley Community College promotes an inclusive learning environment which fosters social justice, mutual respect, understanding, civility, and non-violence to the diverse college community.  TVCC is committed to the elimination of discrimination based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and cultural and religious backgrounds.